PSU Algae is the primary website for Plymouth State University’s Algae Collection. Plymouth State University (PSU) is located in Plymouth, New Hampshire. The herbarium is housed in Boyd Science Center, on Highland Street immediately next to Lamson Library.

The PSU Herbarium is currently located in the biology grad student office in Boyd, but will soon be moved to a new location. The herbarium consists of a series of cabinets filled to the brim with folders upon folders of algae and plant specimens, all labeled with updated taxonomic information and organized by phylum and family. A database exists online documenting all of the information we have on the algae collection, and this website is a supplement to that, and a place where visitors like you may search through our database and find particular species or scroll through stunning photos of some of our specimens.

I invite you to look at our Collectors page as well; there is more history here than meets the eye. Some of these specimens were collected as early as the 1950’s.

I hope you enjoy our website.

-Rebecca Rand, Class of 2018

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